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Meet Chon Mosley AKA Chomo

Chon Mosley, AKA ChoMo, is a native Floridian from Monticello. Born in 1967, he learned at the age of four he had talent. Starting to draw around the home, his parents realized they were not the normal scribbles of a child; he could draw objects that made sense. He even colored within the lines in coloring books.
The Making of an Artist
As he grew, his artistic ability did as well. Simple shapes became cars. Figures became superheroes and before long, he was drawing his own comic strips. ChoMo would stay up late, drawing under the covers with a flashlight, fascinated by the fact he could draw and many couldn’t.
By Middle School, ChoMo was painting murals and in High School he learned perspective. When he learned one-point, two-point and three-point perspective, his art, mind and heart burst with creative juices and excitement.

The AHA Moment

High school opened his mind to the reality of art as a living. This led to ChoMo becoming a graphic designer, commercial artist and art instructor.
ChoMo is an Abstract Surrealist. He most currently creates surreal, illusion, double meaning, enigmatic, abstract, psychedelic, fantasy, figurative and sensual pin-up style erotica often in an Art ambigram usage.  He currently resides in The Tampa Bay Florida area.

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